Professional Violinist and Teacher

Karla Tievsky, a professional violinist, is an active member of the Atlanta musical community, performing solo and in duos, trios and quartets. Ms. Tievsky operates her own private Suzuki Studio in the Virginia- Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta, GA.

"Thank you, as always, for your patience, discipline and belief… You are a wonderful teacher."

"Thank you so much for your inspired teaching and guidance. It’s a pleasure to take part in this violin adventure with you!"

"I just wanted to thank you for the love and empathy you show to my child. I am so grateful for the pure joy you give her during her violin lessons. Just seeing that proud, happy smile on her face makes my day"

"We so enjoyed the group concert…not only with the quality of the music, but the training and discipline exhibited by your students, especially the younger ones. You embody the Suzuki philosophy!"

"Thank you for being a wonderful teacher! Your continued enthusiasm and unwavering encouragement has really made a difference "

"There is little doubt in my mind that you are a true Suzuki teacher. I have learned a lot about the method. You’re the best!"

"I love the way you inspire my daughter to reach and to deepen her love for the violin. You are the BEST!"

"Thank you for the whole new dimension of music that you’ve opened up for both of us!"

"Thank you for helping to bring music into our lives for four important wonderful years… we will miss you when we move to California."

"Thank you for giving…the gift of beautiful music"

"Thank you for your instruction, time, and most of all the caring manner that you use…."

Suzuki Education

As you enter into this musical journey with your child there is so much that is new and different. There are three main ideas behind the Suzuki method of teaching a musical instrument: philosophy, curriculum, technical concepts.

Event Performance

Imagine your event, accompanied with beautiful music for you and your guests. The possibilities are endless. Music adds a warm and beautiful touch to your event.